Take the fast track to financial wellbeing

Many of us struggle to efficiently manage our money, leaving our financial lives in poor health. As the momentum to put our financial lives through a thorough health check builds, we’re still left wondering whether we even have the energy to think about where we’re going to start let alone get stuck into bank statements and pension forecasts.I’ve got some bite-sized pieces of advice that you can take at any time of the year, but please do use them as a prompt to get your financial life on the road to wellness now.

It’s just too easy to put off that weekend slot for a forensic investigation of our spending and saving behaviour.

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British Virgin Islands Hurricane Mission - Kalgera CEO Dr Penn

I am appealing to you to DONATE cash and/or items on this Amazon wish list for the relief effort. Monetary contributions will be used to cover the cost of transporting items to the BVI. 

On 6th September 2017, tragedy struck when my hometown on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands received a direct hit from Hurricane Irma, the strongest Atlantic storm ever recorded with maximum sustained winds of 185mph. Irma ravaged this 60 island British overseas territory (Pop. 30,000) destroying up to 80% of the housing stock and claiming the lives of several residents. 

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Paula's story: Scam misery cost Mum living overseas thousands

Paula’s parents took early retirement overseas, but when her Dad passed away her Mum was left to pick up the pieces. Isolated, lonely and vulnerable, Paula’s Mum turned to internet chat rooms and social media for comfort and company but instead found a gang of scammers who took more than £30.000 of her savings.

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David's story: Keeping it together after a dementia diagnosis

"My father was 75 years old when an injury landed him in hospital and doctors diagnosed dementia." David witnessed a sudden and rapid physical and cognitive decline in his grandfather, father and uncle as soon as they were diagnosed with dementia. He describes the coping mechanisms that effectively concealed the early signs of the disease and the emotional difficulties faced by family losing a part of themselves as their loved ones ‘disappear.’

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Arjun's story: Supporting Mum living abroad to manage her money

Arjun’s family is scattered across the globe. He lives in the UK, his sisters in Australia and his 71-year old Mum in India. Not only does he have to coordinate decisions across multiple time zones, but he and his siblings have young families of their own and time for their Mum can be limited. A digital solution that offers secure access to a simple overview of all the financial accounts could help them all to manage Mum’s money better.

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James’ story: My struggle to bring order to Dad's financial chaos

Although James was a chartered financial advisor, he could not persuade his Dad to share money responsibilities with his Mum and relinquish the paper-based ledger he used to record all the household’s finances for decades. As his Dad’s dementia worsened, James felt even less able to press to see his parents’ affairs. After his Dad passed away, James found a huge muddle of accounts and unpaid bills that took months to sort through and cost his Mum thousands.

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