Our Vision

To provide industry-leading financial safeguards that help people thrive.


Half of adults in the UK show signs of financial vulnerability. That’s nearly 26 million people! Kalgera is a financial safeguarding tool designed to proactively recognise vulnerability. Built by university neuroscience researchers, Kalgera’s smart technology securely analyses financial transactions and automatically alerts trusted family and friends if things go wrong.


Kalgera’s view-only access keeps 3.5 million caregivers like you in the loop while helping your loved ones stay in control of their finances, saving time, money and heartache. Remember, anyone can become financially vulnerable because of the things that life can throw at us. That’s why we developed Kalgera to help people like you understand and protect your and your loved ones finances anytime, from anywhere, whatever your circumstances.


How does it work?


Kalgera combines open banking technology with advanced cognitive neurology techniques to analyse the financial transactions of anyone at risk. Our innovative algorithm spots and alerts caregivers to any unusual transaction activity, enabling them to prevent any mismanagement and
unwanted activity.



Advanced algorithm to spot financial irregularities



Carers are alerted and can take action quickly



Built-in Bank Grade privacy and security software