Our secure platform helps you keep your parents and their money safe

Half of UK adults show signs of potential financial vulnerability and lose £1.2 billion to fraud and scams every year. Dr Dexter Penn, a UCL Dementia Researcher, created Kalgera after one of his patients lost the money to fund his place in a care home. Kalgera’s personal finance platform uses artificial intelligence and neuroscience to detect vulnerability from financial transactions and provides secure sharing of this information with trusted family and friends so they too can be alerted. Kalgera has been recognised by UCL, NHS England and Tech Nation.


Being a caregiver is hard enough, help them take back control and keep them safe with Kalgera


Kalgera is not a bank so no need to switch to use our platform


How does Kalgera work?


Get an overview of your finances across all your accounts and the ability to nominate trusted family and friends to be alerted if something unusual is spotted by our smart technology.

View-only access

Manage shared financial decision-making without compromising account details or the ability to move money. No more risky sharing of PINs and account details.



Advanced algorithm to spot financial irregularities

Our innovative algorithm spots and alerts caregivers to any unusual transaction activity, enabling them to prevent any mismanagement and
unwanted activity.



Carers are alerted and can take action quickly

Mobile responsive web-app and mobile app in development.



Built-in Bank Grade privacy and security software

We obtain your transaction data securely through FCA regulated channels.


Powered by Open Banking

With Kalgera, I would have been able to spend more time, emotion and energy on my and my parents’ wellbeing.
— Stephanie (User Tester)

Half of adults in the UK show signs of financial vulnerability.

That’s nearly 26 million people! Kalgera is a financial safeguarding tool designed to proactively recognise vulnerability. Built by university neuroscience researchers, Kalgera’s smart technology securely analyses financial transactions and automatically alerts trusted family and friends if things go wrong.

Anyone can become financially vulnerable

That’s why we developed Kalgera to help people like you understand and protect your and your loved ones finances anytime, from anywhere, whatever your circumstances.