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We help safeguard the financial lives of vulnerable people.

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The Kalgera Way

Kalgera is an award winning digital personal finance manager tailored to the needs of vulnerable people. Kalgera seamlessly protects your loved ones’ finances anytime, from anywhere whatever your circumstances.

Every year 5 million older people in the UK fall victim to scams and this forms a large portion of the £38 billion lost each year in the UK to fraud. Kalgera means "good old-age" in Ancient Greek and we want to change this situation and are on a mission to safeguard the vulnerable and help limit financial losses. 

Kalgera will use Open Banking regulation (also known as Open APIs) and cognitive neurology research to analyse past and present financial behaviour across all financial institutions. Kalgera then uses that data to detect and alert older people and their loved ones to unusual activity so action can be taken to prevent recurrent scams. 

Kalgera does all this without compromising PINs or account details. Kalgera is currently being built and will be accessible anywhere, anytime on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Kalgera protects your loved ones and helps you reclaim your peace of mind. 

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With Kalgera, I would have been able to spend more time, emotion and energy on my and my parents’ wellbeing.
— Stefanie, daughter and caregiver