“Kalgera safeguards financial lives”

Dr Dexter J A Penn MBBS MSc MRCP

Founder & CEO


Dr Dexter Penn

Founder and CEO

Dexter is passionate about leveraging innovative technology to improve standards of care, especially for the elderly. Working as a NHS hospital physician in neurology and geriatrics, he is daily witness to the pain points experienced by vulnerable patients interacting with external organisations. Dexter draws on his in-depth clinical, research and quality improvement expertise in cognitive capacity assessments to drive Kalgera's vision.  


Ivona Wolff

Partnerships Advisor

Financial services and retail banking expertise are at the core of Ivona's successful career in business development. As project manager, she led a team to successfully incubate and propagate new products and services across American Express and its network partners. Ivona is currently focused on assessing the impact of imminent regulatory developments on the financial sector, as well as digital developments in financial technology.


Karen Thomas PhD

Community Builder


Stylianos Kampakis PhD

Data Scientist

Karen has spent most of her working life helping others through multiple disciplines intersecting healthcare and the humanities. She is central to all things community at Kalgera and, as a caregiver, Karen intimately understands the struggles caregivers face. A former pharmacist with a PhD in economic modelling for pharmaceutical services, Karen is a BBC-trained digital journalist who exploits all communication channels to connect with all members of our society.

Stylianos is leading Kalgera's machine learning algorithm development and dataset management strategy. As a data scientist Stylianos brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in health data modelling. Stylianos holds a PhD in Data Science from UCL.