Ivona's financial tips

Ivona's financial tips

Many of us struggle to efficiently manage our money, leaving our financial lives in poor health. It’s just too easy to put off that weekend slot for a forensic investigation of our spending and saving behaviour.

Many of us are often left wondering whether we even have the energy to think about where we’re going to start let alone get stuck into bank statements and pension forecasts.

We’ve got some bite-sized pieces of advice that you can take at any time of the year, but please do use them as a prompt to get your financial life on the road to wellness now.

Open Banking, Explained

Series 1 Episode 3 - Open Banking, Explained

From revolution to evolution, the way we manage our money has already dramatically changed with the advent of online banking. However, Open Banking is set to advance the evolution of our personal finances even further. Listen to Dexter and Ivona shake off all the jargon and tell us what Open Banking is and how it will impact our everyday financial lives.

Kalgera Origins

Here it is! This is the 1st in our new series of podcasts. In this episode, Dexter, Ivona and Karen tell the story of how the team met and why we are so passionate about helping others.

Kalgera Podcast-2.jpg